Our Story

Kym & John are good at what they do. OK so what do they do?….Good looking no fuss hair!

Between the two of them they have notched up over 70 years. Yes. Over 70 years of hairdressing experience! Boy Oh boy & they are still as fresh, (Well nearly) if not far wiser than the day they started their long lasting careers.

But Seriously …They both have the knowledge, hairdressing & people skills to look after any hair type or desire you may have for your hair.

Kym has natural curls, John waves, both refuse to do the nasty deed & straighten their beautiful locks. That’s why they are specialists in curls & waves. “Learn to Love who you are, just as you are” is Kym’s motto.

Kym & John know how to make curls soft, manageable & lovely, without all the drama of frizzy hair. It’s easy if you know how & had the practice.

What else have they done in their time? You name it, they will probably say YES we have.

Let’s just say Kym & John know what they are talking about.

The secret ingredient…’Curl Me Anytime’  A product developed by the Goodman’s especially for curly & wavy hair. It’s about time curly people could apply a product to their hair which holds curls together beautifully while staying soft, non sticky & feeling natural. Mix this magic product with a wealth of knowledge & BINGO….GREAT HAIR!

So please you are most welcome to pick our brains.

Call Curl Care on 03 5752 1489. We CAN help you & your hair LOOK GREAT!

Some of our happy clients: