How do I use CMA?

Release your hair from the towel after shampoo and conditioning. Gently shake into place.

Take a pump or two of Curl Me Anytime, rub it into your hands to form a fine cream, then apply it evenly through your hair. Mid-lengths to ends. Fine hair may only need a pea sized amount. Long curls may need 4/5 pumps. Generally, the more hair the more CMA. Let it dry naturally.

It’s a good idea to apply some CMA after your hair is dry too. For best results use CMA daily to your dry hair. It’s best to lightly pre damp with Intensive Leave In Treatment if your hair is dry. It’s better to make two smaller applications of CMA than one big one. Use CMA every morning, in the afternoon if needed, and before you go out at night for refreshed curls.

Why does my hair frizz?

This will depend on your hair texture & condition. If your hair is naturally very curly it will lack moisture. This explains why it will look good when it is wet and frizz when dry. Lots of moisture must be applied to prevent the frizziness. Lost moisture can be repleced by using Curl Me Anytime whenever your hair starts to get that wild unruly look.

How do I get rid of frizz?

After shampooing and blotting dry your hair. Evenly distribute 1 or more pumps of Curl Me Anytime through your hair. The amount you use depends on the thickness and length of your hair. Gently scrunch your hair while it dries then apply another pump or two of Curl Me Anytime. Do not brush or comb your curls.

How do I get my hair to feel soft?

Softness usually depends on the condition of your hair. Good professional products are essential for good hair health.

A deep reconditioning treatment must be applied at least monthly, preferably every couple of weeks if your hair is coloured or heat styled regularly.

Why does my hair always look unruly?

This has everything to do with shape and condition. Have your hair styled on a regular basis, at least every six to eight weeks. This will keep a good shape for extra good looking hair. Usre reconditioning treatments on a regular basis.

How often should I wash my hair?

For curly hair no more than 2 to 3 times a week. Use shampoos specially formulated for treating curly hair as they typically contain more moisturizing properties. For some curly hair once a week is often enough.

What’s the best way to style my curls?

Use Curl Me Anytime every day and if neccessary in between. Never brush or comb curls as it will seperate the curls and cause frizz. Keep heat away from curls too, as heat will cause frizz. It’s best to dry curls naturally or with very soft gentle air flow.

What cut will look best for my long wild curly hair?

Long curly hair looks best when it’s layered. Layers prevent curly hair from growing in that unattractive pyramid shape. A layered cut also prevents curly hair from becoming unruly and wild. This cut must be trimmed at least once every six to eight weeks to maintain a good shape.

Can I apply conditioner without shampooing first?

Yes curls need extra moisture. It’s a good idea to spray your hair with a leave in conditioner every morning then apply Curl Me Anytime. Cream contitioners can be left in but will dry crunchy & stiff.

How do I give my curls definition & hold without making them look & feel crunchy?

Apply Curl Me Anytime to give well defined curls and waves without that crunchy, sticky of oily feeling. Curls don’t need holding in place, they need to move to look natural. Holding products will make your curls crunchy.

Is CMA environmentally friendly?

As well as there being NO nasties hiding in the Curl Me Anytime ingredients, as a business we aim to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible. Striving for zero, which we know is not entirely possible, but is reflected in the choice of products we make in our Salon. Even our toilet paper!  Australian made and owned is also a priority.